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Do you seek out new music? Is local music important to you? Would you like to download new music from a singer in your area? If you agreed with any or all these questions, then I am the perfect musician for you. Nubia Rose International is quickly becoming known as a premier vocalist in Boca Raton, FL. My voice has enchanted audiences from all over. With a Brazilian background, I bring a new dimension to popular music. Listen to my new songs released, and I know you’ll become a lifelong fan.

There’s nothing I love more than creating beautiful, catchy music. At Nubia Rose International, I have many years of experience singing. Performing is something I love to do. I also take pride in writing my music. When you listen to my songs, you know you’re hearing something completely original. I write for my fans. It’s my goal to make sure all my listeners thoroughly enjoy my recordings.

At Nubia Rose International, I make my music accessible to everyone. If you want to download new music, you can purchase downloads from my online shop. I also have CDs for sale if you prefer a physical version. With experience in the modeling industry, I know how to take great photos. Many of my current photos are available to buy. My smiling face is sure to light up your day.

Here at Nubia Rose International, I have new songs released! I’m already popular in Boca Raton, FL, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy listening to some of my latest releases. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look over my content at My site is dedicated to keeping my listeners informed about my tour dates and video releases. I even have a full photo gallery! If you want to see more, then you should also spend some time checking out Visit today for music you can’t find anywhere else!

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